Provide 24/7 sales, tech support, and customer service - with Astral Group.

Our company provides customer service, technical support, telemarketing, and after-sale services for a variety of needs in many different fields of industry, both online and on the phone, in English, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, and more languages.

No matter what your business`s individual needs are, Astral Group guarantees that when it comes to a close, reliable and high-quality contact with your customers, you can rest assured knowing that the task is in the hands of professionals. In our regular line of work, we only recruit experienced professionals to create our teams - and do everything in our power to maintain the highest standards of international markets – to provide the best solutions for the most current corporate culture and your company`s core values.

Why outsource in Ukraine?

Ukraine is considered today one of the world`s most promising locations for IT solutions development and customer support with an ever-growing resonance.

A high level of education: 80% of Ukraine`s population are highly educated.

Ukraine`s location places it in a European time zone – which allows its workers to cooperate efficiently with European customers.

Highly motivated employees that learn fast and adapt to a wide range of tasks and requirements.

Highly ethical and service motivated professionals.

Many international companies have already discovered that working with Ukrainian outsourcing services, with highly educated employees, developed business culture and vast knowledge of many languages can contribute greatly to any organization.

Our long experience working in European and American markets guarantees:

Strong, high-quality teams, formed at the hands of our recruitment specialists.

Bringing a project to completion in the shortest time possible – with our advanced training program.

Professional project management - we maintain transparent reporting and strive for timely fulfillment of every goal.

A Flexible payment system - we have developed a universal salary structure and bonus system, for high efficiency.

Work experience:

more than 15 years

Implemented projects:


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